Review of Coin Royale Casino

There are a variety of online casino websites that provide games in return for bitcoin cash, but Coin Royale Casino is one of the most well-known in this industry. After launching in 2013, the casino has undergone several adjustments to provide consumers with a larger assortment of games and an easily navigable website. You will never discover these games anywhere, regardless of how far or where you search.

Support and Details

We were unable to locate any information regarding the casino’s owners, which is disappointing. The casino is an exciting addition to the Bitcoin casino sector; undoubtedly the company’s founders would want to be recognized. Customers from all over the globe have access to the games and have the option to adjust the interface language to English, Standard Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, or Bahasa Indonesian.

Customer service is only accessible through email, which is inconvenient when you need answers and assistance immediately. You must send an email to and await a response. However, we do not know how long you may be required to wait, therefore it may be prudent to examine the FAQ area provided. You will discover answers to a variety of topics, including how payments operate and the withdrawal procedure.

Bitcoin Casino Accessible on Mobile

You may access all of Coin Royale Casino’s games on your mobile device or tablet. As long as you possess a mobile device with an internet connection, you can take the casino out and about with you – virtually wherever you like. Whether you’re on your daily commute or relaxing in the park, you can access Coin Royale Casino.

In order to play at the mobile casino, you will just need to log in or register. After completing this, you may play the games.

Navigation and Sensation

We were satisfied with the overall vibe and appearance of the Bitcoin casino. The welcome page includes the most recent discounts and promotions as well as a preview of the available games. The color design is black and orange, and there are several navigation tabs on the screen to assist you reach the desired sections of the casino website. The signup procedure was straightforward, and you may begin playing games within minutes.

Currency Finance

Bitcoin is the sole money accepted at Coin Royal Casino.

When you play at Coin Royale Casino, you may enjoy quick deposits and withdrawals, and there are no fees associated with payment processing. Head to the deposit area, where you will discover your depositing address and a QR code that you may scan to make deposits even simpler. Scanning the QR code and transferring Bitcoin to your Coin Royale Casino account will allow you to begin playing.

Bitcoin Casino Conclusions

The Coin Royale Casino has gone a long way since its inception. Initially, there were just three games to entice players, but today there are seven, with an eighth about to be introduced. What’s not to like about a casino that is provably fair, ten percent safe and secure, offers standard customer service, and quick deposits and withdrawals? Yes, we acknowledge that the customer service should be improved; in our view, there is nothing worse than waiting hours (or days) for an email response when you need immediate assistance.

There isn’t a large selection of games, but when compared to the great majority of other online Bitcoin casinos, there are a few decent options. The website’s design and usability are great for beginners, with links and extensive information readily available.

The casino’s promos may need a bit of a makeover, since there is nothing to keep you coming back after your first investment. You get exactly what you invest into your account. It’s fantastic that you can try the games in demo mode, since if you’re new to the casino, you won’t have seen the games before.

You will not have to wager money to determine if you like them or not. You will get 1,000 credits to play all seven available games. After this runs out, you will need to add funds to your account in order to continue playing. We like the absence of betting limitations, which enables you to place wagers of any size.

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